Friday, April 24, 2015


Finished up an another great project with Oakley Skateboarding. The folks at Oakley have created a physical space, or "pop-up" spot where skateboarders can come and hang out, go to specific events and experience workshops. A building was rented on Melrose in Hollywood and the events are taking place over a 4 week period that started last night with an opening for the Girl Art Dump show called "8 Spots."

Each member of the Art Dump created a homage to a famous or iconic Los Angeles area skate spot... from Lockwood to the Pink Hotel. The results are displayed throughout the space for the following 2 weeks. And be sure to check out the side of the building, we also created a giant mural.

I hope some of you can find time to come out and enjoy the space, the results really are pretty stunning. And if you get up there soon, you may be able to walk away with a free zine/catalog we created specifically for the show. Big thanks to all my Art Dump boys who busted ass on this project; Andy Mueller, Chris Waycott, Carlos M. Gutierrez, Nick Zegel, Nate Hooper, Jeremy Carnahan, Eric Anthony.

I'll post more as the photos come in.

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