Friday, December 12, 2014


"Law Students Arrested in Exotic Bird Decapitation"
LA Times, 10/15/12

"Tough Old Lizard To Face Grave Romantic Troubles, Say Scientists"
NPR, 10/17/12

"Naked cave man worries neighbors"
CNN, 10/17/12

"Pooping Man Killed by Subway Train As Second Man Is Injured Nearby"
Gawker, 1/15/13

"Dog is not arrested after accidentally shooting owner"
Highlands Today, 2/28/13

"Flaming bag of feces damages Pennsylvania home"
York Daily Record, 2/28/13

"Naked man leads California cops on foot chase after pooping on car roof"
The Raw Story, 3/5/13

"Washington Republican: Bicycles cause more pollution than cars"
The Raw Story, 3/5/13

"Son stabs father, then saws off his own hands"
CNN online, 6/16/13

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